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Pastor History (as of 2010)

    A class was formed in 1815 at Brown’s Mills: Leader- Isaac Kinney of  Kinney’s  Corners and was maintained until the class was finally moved to Branchport and with Isaac Kinney as leader they eventually directed the construction of a building in Branchport, Town of Jerusalem.  “A building was purchased from, Nettle Valley and moved to Branchport where it was recon-structed and fitted for a pleasant place for worship,” according to historical records  written during the tenure of  J. Harold Riggle, 1938-47.

  Religious classes in Town Jerusalem were formed in 1838 with leaders- John Dorman, William T, Moore, Isaac Purdy  & A.J. Brown

   Pastors since formation of The First Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Branchport 1866 are:


1866- Schuyler Sutherland

1867- Solomon Wetzell

1868-69- C. Dillenbeck

1869-71- Phil Cowles

1871-72- A.D.Edgar

1872- 75 - J.J. Payne

1875-78- R.D. Phillips

1878-79- Charles  E. Hermans

  (The original church near the road burned, 1879. After being invited to join the Baptist Society for church the following Sunday, a meeting was held to discuss rebuilding the church away from the road .  The new building was completed during the tenure of S. C. Hatmaker,  and still stands in 2010)

1879-82- S.C. Hatmaker

1882-85- R. D. Phillips;

1885-86-R.H. Leake

1886-90- J.H. Sackett

1890- 92-G.W. Reynolds

1892-95- Uriah S. Hall

1895- 96- Philip H. Riegel. (later became DS)

1896-98-W.E. Rippey

1898-1900- P.H. Riegel      (returned after DS tenure)

1900-1903- Edward S. Annable

1903-07- Kirk F. Richardson

1907-09- William D. Shepherd

1909-14- Edward M. Cullinan

1914-17-Charles A. Willson

1917-22- George H. Winkworth

1922-23- W. Herbert Moore

1923-25-Francis Windnagle

1925-27- James N. Eberly

1927-29- W. Carleton Stevens  (Electric lights added)

1929-31- W.C.B. Turner

1931-35- Charles A. Smith

1935-38- C. Lacey VanNorman

1938-47- J. Harold Riggle

1947-50- Ernest T. Butterfield

1950- (Nov).-54- Charles  I. Walker

Nov.1954- 55- Lester Bascom Interim Lay Pastor

1955-59- Orrie Stanton

1959-67-Charles L. Banks

1967- Nov. 68- Daniel T. Benedict

March 1968-70- Raymond Smith

1970-73- Charles Tyler

1973-76- Raymond Hill

1976-80- Theodore Bleck

1980-82- Margie Mayson (first woman pastor in the charge)

1982-83-Shirley Case

1983-84- Bryce Blair

1984-89-William Mudge

1989-present date 2010 -Barbara J Gifford

   A Cooperative Parish was formed in ‘89 with Italy Valley, Friend , Branchport and Bluff Point

1989-94- Assistant, Maxine Peek - took sabbatical leave in 94.

 1994-Cooperative Parish broken down to Italy Valley/Branchport, pastor Gifford;  Friend/Yatesville, pastor Renee Carillo; and Bluff Point,  with Lay Pastor Bruce Westerdahl,  struck out on their own after having been yoked with Branchport for many, many years

1992- Renovations of new in-floor heating system and restoration on foundations of the church walls, as well as new entrance platform and accessibility ramp were made possible by the generous gift of a member of the church. Dedication was held and praise and glory to God extended during the service.

1990- New roofing replaced the original slate roof. Work was done by local Mennonites.

2009- Damaged slate on the bell tower was replaced and tower was refurbished because of animal damages.

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